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Market-wide Call Next Thursday, July 14th, and Guide to Investors Exchange Transition

IEX Trading Alert #2016 - 028

Please Route To: Trading, Business, Market Data Technology, and Trade Support

What you need to know:

  • IEX will host a market-wide call to discuss IEX's transition from the IEX ATS (the "ATS") to Investors Exchange (the "Exchange").
    • The call will take place at 11:00 am ET Thursday, July 14th.
    • Dial-in details may be found below.
  • Symbols for the three (3) week Pre-launch Period and two (2) week Phase-in Period of the Exchange transition are defined below.
  • The roadmap and schedule below summarizes communications regarding the Exchange transition.
  • The Exchange FAQ has been updated.

Market-wide Exchange Transition Call Details

Date Thursday, July 14th
Time 11:00 am ET
Dial In 1-415-655-0002
Dial In Access Code 732 834 788
WebEx https://iex.webex.com/
WebEx Meeting Number 732 834 788
WebEx Password August19

Please check with your IT administrator to ensure your company firewalls will not restrict you from accessing the WebEx link.

Transition from the IEX ATS to Investors Exchange

The ATS will transition to the Exchange using a security-by-security phase-in approach similar to that used by Electronic Communication Networks ("ECNs") who transitioned to national securities exchanges in the past.

Pre-launch Period: There will be a three-week pre-launch period during which participants will be able to enter test orders on the Exchange using test symbols.

Phase-in Period: Following the launch date, there will be a two-week phase-in period during which securities currently trading on the ATS will be migrated from the ATS to the Exchange. Once a security is migrated from the ATS to the Exchange, it will no longer be available for trading on the ATS and will only be available for trading on the Exchange. Once the Exchange begins trading its first non-test security, it will operate in conjunction with the ATS until all securities are fully transitioned.

The schedule is as follows:

  • August 1 - 18 (M - Th): Test symbols transition (CBO, CBX, ZBZX, ZJZZT, ZTEST, ZVV, ZVZZT, ZWZZT, ZXZZT) (Pre-launch Period)
  • August 19 - 23 (F - Tu): Two non-test securities (VG, WIN) ("Launch Date", Phase-in Period begins)
  • August 24 - 26 (W - F): Ten non-test securities (VALE.P, VG, VHC, VIAV, VIP, VLY, WIN, XOMA, YINN, ZIOP)
  • August 29 - 30 (M - Tu): All symbols starting with 'Y' - 'Z', VALE.P, VG, VHC, VIAV, VIP, VLY, WIN, XOMA
  • August 31 - September 1 (W - Th): All symbols starting with 'V' - 'Z'
  • September 2 (F): All symbols ('A' - 'Z') (Phase-in Period ends, ATS ceases operation)

Roadmap and Schedule

How have the frequently asked questions regarding the Exchange been updated?

As IEX has received additional questions from current ATS Subscribers and future Exchange Members, we have enriched the content within the Exchange FAQ. The FAQ's now cover the following topics:

Where can I learn more?

  • Become a Member of Investors Exchange.
  • View the Investors Exchange User Manual.
  • Contact IEX Sales at 646.343.2100 or Subscriber@iextrading.com.
  • Contact IEX Market Operations at 646.343.2300 or MarketOps@iextrading.com.
  • Exchange Frequently Asked Questions.
  • About IEX

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