Introducing Liquidity

No, we aren’t selling a beer. But we are providing liquidity—and lots of it—on the Investors Exchange: the stock exchange that’s designed to level the playing field for investors.

Performance by
the numbers

For large resting orders on IEX in 2019*

Orders Sent

1.02 mm mm

Notional Value Traded

$$199.9 bn bn

Shared Traded

3.20 bnbn

In-Limit Percent of Volume


Block %


Slippage vs. Arrival Mid

1.18 bps / 0.74 cps

Slippage vs. In-Limit VWAP

0.71 bps / 0.45 cps

*Originated from IEX-classified Full-Service BD or Agency BD firms, D-Peg or Midpoint Peg, Not IOC or FOK (i.e. resting orders), at least as aggressive as the NBBO Mid on entry, Rested for 3+ mins or fully filled beforehand, MinQty <=1000, Order size $200k+ or 10k+ shares
Cents per share
Source: IEX Market Data; IEX classifications are on a best efforts basis by member firms’ trading sessions.

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