IEX Developer Platform

The reliable, enterprise API that powers IEX. Free for everyone.

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The free API is built on a proven, high-performance system, and drives many of the applications we use within IEX.

Start using data in seconds with our simple and powerful API. No account required.


3.5 million

messages per second peak

262 TB

data transfered per month



web uptime


database uptime

RegSCI System

Our system is regulated for the highest level of integrity, resiliancy, and security.

Google Cloud

The performance, scale, and reliability of Google's technology runs our API.

Data loss protection

We developed and patented multiple ways to ensure data integrity.


1.1 trillion

database records (and growing)


queries per second peak

72 TB

database size (and growing)

300 GB

data added per day

Redis caching

180 K

average operations per second

10.51 B

operations per day


We use two active-active clusters with geographic availability to protect against regional failures.



Patented. We actively run multiple copies of every server to ensure high availability.


We run in 5 datacenters with multiple DNS providers.


We scale our servers on-demand based on custom metrics.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost?


Is the API reliable?

Very reliable. We use the API to run many of our own applications.

Do I need paperwork?

None. No paperwork, no login.

Can I redistribute your data?

Yes. For free.

Is the data real time?


Are there request limits?

No limits. We throttle requests per IP, but you should get over 100 per second.

Do you support pushing data?

Yes. WebSockets. SSE on the way.

What if I need a new feature?

Check out our roadmap. If you don't see what you need, you can request a feature on our GitHub page.

Why does the API seem to not be responding?

While we strive for 100% uptime, there are times when an outage may occur. Check our twitter status account (@IEXStatus) for updates.

Still have questions?

Community issues and questions can be found on our IEX-API GitHub page. This allows everyone to benefit from your question. If you still need to talk to us directly, our email is