Supporters of
Our Exchange Application

Thank you to those who publicly support the IEX exchange application.

Norges Bank

"IEX will benefit the equity market structure and all participants."


"We are strong supporters of IEX's application and hope that this paves the path for a more simplistic and fair market structure."


"IEX is a perfect example of a free market self­-correction. It is an example of American capitalism."


"IEX has impacted market quality in a most positive way since its inception, and will continue to do so as a recognized stock exchange in an even greater way."

Goldman Sachs

"We fully support approval of IEX's application to be a stock exchange."


"We applaud the improvements IEX has brought to the marketplace…"


"IEX has the best interests of Americans in mind…"
CEO Jonathan Stein


"If IEX is successful, it can only help to restore investor confidence in a marketplace that many investors believe is broken."

Oppenheimer Funds

"…we believe that IEX is a beneficial trading venue for our clients as it promotes transparency, simplicity and fairness."

Franklin Templeton

"…we feel IEX will build and maintain an exchange that will benefit long-term investors by delivering innovations that will lead to a fair and competitive platform for all market participants. We applaud their ability to address the issues in the marketplace and look forward to lower costs for our clients."

Ethical Systems

"We believe that integrity in business can be enhanced by leaders who take a systems-approach to the organizations and environments in which they operate. IEX is a model of such leadership and systems thinking in business, and should be encouraged."

CIO David Swensen,
Professor Jon Macey, Yale University

"The Commission should not succumb to the special interests of competitors. It should approve IEX’s application and provide a real alternative for long-term investors."

Letter from

Brad Katsuyama updates IEX Subscribers and Partners
on our exchange application process.

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Your firm does not need to be an IEX ATS Subscriber in order to apply for membership to Investors Exchange.

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Investors Exchange Launch Timeline

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