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IEX ATS Statistics

Statistics of Interest

IEX will be using the SEC Market Structure Division’s ATS statistics as a benchmark for key performance metrics of the IEX ATS as compared to other ATS's (see: SEC October White Paper on ATS's).

We specifically highlight the "Five Largest ATS's" since IEX is a continuous market and is best compared against other continuous ATS's.

We will begin publishing top brokers, aggregate volume and trading statistics once we get the proper permissions and establish a wider breadth of subscribers trading.

Below are key statistics of interest for December 2013:

IEX Five Largest ATS1 All Venues1
Average Order Size 868 364 374
Average Aggregate Fill Size 353 219 232
(1) Source: SEC ATS White Paper - Page 8, Table 3

IEX Median ATS2
% of Fills: 100 Shares 64.92% 67.17%
% of Fills: 101-199 Shares 1.03% 0.36%
% of Fills: 200-299 Shares 11.06% 13.40%
% of Fills: 300-399 Shares 5.56% 6.05%
% of Fills: 400-499 Shares 3.75% 3.16%
% of Fills: 500-999 Shares 7.90% 5.86%
% of Fills: 1,000-4,999 Shares 4.91% 3.23%
% of Fills: 5,000 - 9,999 shares 0.50% 0.18%
% of Fills: >= 10,000 shares 0.35% 0.08%
(2) Source: SEC ATS White Paper - Page 11, Table 4

Double-counted Single-counted
IEX Average Daily Volume 10,066,406 5,033,203


  1. We continue to notice a multiplier effect when adding additional brokers who supply real resting orders into our trading mix.
  2. Our record day thus far is approximately 40 million shares (20 million single counted).
  3. We expect our volume to continue to ramp once we are through the holiday season and certain brokers complete proposed changes to their algorithms and routers.