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Rethink your expectations.
Reimagine the market.

IEX Listings: A new standard for shareholder alignment and fair pricing.

IEX takes a fresh perspective on the role of the listings exchange.

We offer a simple, common sense-based approach to align companies with their shareholders while providing top-tier service at a reasonable price. In doing so, we are introducing a new way for companies to serve the interests of their shareholders and a new standard for what they can expect from their listing exchange.

The new standard for shareholder alignment.

Your exchange should be built for your long-term investors.

IEX provides technology designed to democratize the equity markets and protect investors, making it easier for investors to trade a company's stock. By deprioritizing the role that speed plays in trading, IEX generally doesn’t attract certain manufactured volume from that can cause unnecessary volatility.

Some of the largest, most conscientious firms in the world support our work to level the playing field.

The new standard for listings pricing.

Tailored service for a simple, flat fee.

IEX charges companies a flat fee of $50,000 to list its shares. This covers opening and closing the company's stock, providing regulatory services and surveillance, and tailored services to help companies understand and navigate today’s complex markets.

Rather than charging more to offer a basket of pre-selected additional services, IEX puts that money back in companies’ pockets to choose the services and providers that are best for them.

See what IEX can save you over 5 years.

Save up to $375k listing 100m shares on IEX.


Listing 100m shares would annually cost you:

  • $50k on IEX
  • $110k on NYSE
  • $125k on NASDAQ

Estimated annual savings calculations are based on figures found in these documents and are relevant as of January 1, 2019: NYSE, NASDAQ.

Raise the Bar. Set a New Standard.

Contact our Listings Team to learn more about listing your company on IEX.



Key minimum requirements

See the Listing Guide for additional minimum requirements.


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