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Ventures & partnerships

IEX supports entrepreneurs and organizations through IEX Ventures and partnerships.

We commit expertise and at times capital into start-ups who are innovating in and around the capital markets and in market-driven industries.

Contact ventures@iextrading.com with ideas and to learn more.

TradeWind Markets

Tradewind’s aim is to bring efficiency and expand the market for physical commodities, beginning with gold bullion, through trading technology and infrastructure.

IEX is an investor and sits on the board of directors, and supports Tradewind’s mission by providing marketplace technology.

Babelfish Analytics

Babelfish brings transparency to equity trading, providing trading analytics to help investors and traders understand how equity orders are being handled and executed in a complex marketplace.

IEX has provided a seed loan to Babelfish with no ownership stake. IEX has no view or input into Babelfish’s research process or results.

Healthy Markets

Healthy Markets is an investor-focused non-profit coalition dedicated to improving transparency in capital markets through data-driven reform. Its members include institutional investors and equity trading venue operators.

IEX is a paying Working Group member of the coalition.


NPX seeks to transform the way impact is financed in the nonprofit sector. NPX has created the Impact Security: a powerful new way for foundations, retail investors and crowdfunders to invest in social impact.

IEX serves on the Advisory Board for NPX.