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A Premium Trading Experience

High-Quality Executions

  • 13% of volume executed in blocks
  • 75% of volume executed at the midpoint
  • 98% liquidity capture (IEX Smart Order Router)

Comprehensive Service

  • Transparent communication
  • Standardized performance reporting
  • Real-time market monitoring

Design Integrity

  • 350 microsecond delay (POP) deters latency arbitrage
  • Accurate pricing from direct market data feeds
  • Flat execution fee prevents maker-taker conflict
  • Thoughtfully engineered, investor-oriented order types

Robust Technology

  • Resilient systems deliver 99.999% uptime
  • Processed over 1.7 billion messages in a trading day
  • Peak throughput of 2000 messages per millisecond achieved
  • 100 microsecond round-trip latency (excluding POP)

Data from Q4 2014

Trading On IEX


Order entry and market data consumption.


IEX is a broker-neutral trading destination.
Brokers subscribers
EMS / OMS & algo providers
Market data vendors


Tailored strategies to interact with IEX.
Broker provided custom algos
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Transparency brings accountability.

Transparency enables better choices.

Trade in a market you understand.

IEX offers a simplified and transparent market designed to eliminate conflicts currently present in the equity markets.